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Center City District

The Center City District (CCD) is a private-sector sponsored business improvement organization whose mission is to enhance downtown Philadelphia as a clean, safe, and attractive place to live, work and visit. Since 1991, CCD has supplemented municipal services by providing maintenance, public safety, hospitality and promotional programs in the central business district and adjacent residential areas.  

The CCD has invested over $55 million in public space improvements in downtown Philadelphia since 1991, including the installation of over 2,900 pedestrian-scale and vehicular light fixtures, the planting and maintenance of more than 900 street and park trees, the installation of over 1,200 signs that direct motorists and pedestrians to popular destinations, and the lighting of public sculpture and the facades of institutions along the Parkway. In addition, CCD is responsible for the management of Dilworth Park, Sister Cities Park, John F. Collins Park and Cret Park, four extraordinary public spaces in the heart of Center City.

  • Clean

    The CCD deploys more than 125 uniformed workers who manually and mechanically clean sidewalks, CCD parks and two SEPTA Regional Rail stations on two overlapping shifts, seven days a week, so that Center City opens clean and remains clean throughout the day.

  • Safe

    Helping to keep Center City Philadelphia safe for residents, visitors and workers is the CCD’s team of unarmed Community Service Representatives, who provide an additional set of eyes and ears on the street and a friendly, welcoming presence for visitors each day.

  • Beautiful

    From its parks and on-street landscaping to wayfinding signs and lighting, CCD works year-round to honor its commitment to maintaining a public environment that is welcoming, brighter, safer and accessible for everyone.

  • Fun

    CCD produces and sponsors a full calendar of special events, entertainment and festivals that reinforces Center City Philadelphia as an exciting destination year-round. CCD also co-sponsors events with merchant organizations, cultural groups and attractions to support downtown stakeholders and ensure that there's always something exciting happening in Center City Philadelphia.

For Adults

Center City District plans events and special promotions throughout the year for adults and families, from Restaurant Week and Center City District Sips to children's activities in its parks, and also maintains an events calendarSign up for CCD's e-mail newsletter, and stay on top of the many activities.

For Kids

CCD maintains and programs two of the most popular kid-friendly spaces in Center City: Dilworth Park, with a play fountain in summer and ice skating in winter, and Sister Cities Park, with a fountain and pond in warm weather and a playground in the cooler months. Both parks also feature programs year-round that include craft projects, movie nights and many more educational and creative activities for the whole family.

Parkway Projects

Transformation of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway into an animated, pedestrian-friendly cultural campus has been an ongoing priority for the Center City District and Central Philadelphia Development Corporation. Working with Parkway institutions, Fairmount Park, neighborhood groups and other stakeholders, CCD and CPDC have implemented many physical improvements along the 1.1-mile boulevard, including the creation and ongoing maintenance of Sister Cities Park, Cret Park and Aviator Parak. Read more on our website. 


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