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  • Find Spring Flowers in "Winter Fountains" on the Parkway

    Visitors to the Philadelphia Flower Show can enjoy a new evening attraction this year, a public art installation celebrating the centennial of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

  • Catching up on the Academy’s History on the Parkway

    The Academy of Natural Sciences is rooted in the nation’s history of science and in Philadelphia’s fabric of cultural institutions, but its location on Benjamin Franklin Parkway—now marking its centennial—was not a given.


  • Community Conversations Celebrate the Centennial

    Did you resolve to learn something new in the New Year? We can help with that. And if you additionally pledged to spend less money, well, then it’s a twofer!

    During the Parkway’s centennial year in 2018, more than two dozen Community Conversations are planned, each intended to help us learn a little more about the stories of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. And the best part? They’re all free!

    Community Conversations will take place at a museum, educational institution, attraction, residence or business on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, and will focus on a topic such as the Parkway’s history, neighborhoods, fountains, the famous Rocky steps, and more. Dates and times vary to make them accessible and convenient.

    There are four Community Conversations planned in the coming weeks. Start planning now to join in on these fun, free events on the Parkway!


    The Benjamin Franklin Parkway has played host to so many things that happen in Philadelphia, and to so many people who have visited. Now, it’s the Parkway’s time to be guest of honor.

    Philadelphia’s grand cultural boulevard, the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, is turning 100, and at a press conference today (March 23, 2017), the Parkway Council, a coalition of cultural and educational institutions, businesses and residences in the Parkway Museums District, gave a glimpse of the plans.

    Parkway 100 will feature more than a year of activities to celebrate the centennial of the Parkway. Beginning September 8, 2017, and continuing through November 16, 2018, the Parkway Council, and its museums, attractions, institutions and neighbors, will present 14 months of Exhibitions, Events, Community Conversations, and Promotions to mark the milestone.